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SEGO 9.8 ft Archway Mobile Lightbox

SEGO 9.8 ft Archway Mobile Lightbox

Experience the unparalleled allure of The FrameBright SEGO, where innovation seamlessly blends with user-friendly design. This addition to our FrameBright collection introduces a toolless assembly from the ground up, including the feet, propelling your display aesthetics to extraordinary levels. SEGO enhances the ambiance with its dazzling illumination, featuring LED lights ingeniously integrated with magnetic connectors for a smooth setup. The cables stay hidden, maintaining a sleek and sophisticated look. What sets SEGO apart is its unique archway, adding an extra layer of dimension and intrigue, complemented by a mesmerizing backlit counter.

Its aluminum frame showcases customizable SEG backlit fabric graphics that gracefully extend from edge to edge on both sides, creating a captivating visual display. SEGO is not just portable and adaptable; it reimagines the lightbox experience with its striking design. Moreover, the thoughtfully engineered foam cut carry bag ensures your SEGO components are not only well-organized but also securely protected, highlighting the meticulous attention to detail that defines our product.

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    Graphic Dimensions:

    • 78.125“W x 88.625“H (backwall)
    • 39.75“W x 88.625“H (arch & support)


    • 6 Single-Sided SEG Dye Sub Backlit Fabric Graphics
    • 8 Horizontal Profile (Bottom)
    • 8 Horizontal Profile (Top)
    • 2 Vertical Profiles (Left)
    • 2 Vertical Profiles (Right)
    • 6 Vertical Profiles
    • 7 Mid Pole
    • 2 Straight Connectors
    • 4 Bridge Connectors
    • 8 Feet
    • 1 MP Cross
    • 1 LED Connector
    • 4 Transformer
    • 4 Y Cable
    • 5 Travel Bag

    Set-up Time

    30-45 Minutes


    5-7 Business days after artwork approval


    (1) Medium 6.5 Frame:

    • 34 lbs - 54.5”W x 15.5”H x 6.75”D (x1)

    (3) Small 3.3 x 7.4 Frame:

    • 32 lbs - 54.5”W x 15.5”H x 6.75”D (x3)

    Total 5 boxes


    Electrical Specification


    • LED edge lights - pre-installed in frame
    • Brand: Osram LED lights 
    • Color Temp: 6800k
    • Lumens / Watt: 130
    • Power: 270 watt


    • Power Rating: 95W, 252W
    • Voltage Input: 100 - 240V
    • Voltage Output: 24V
    • Certificates: UL, CE, GEM
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    Standout Features

    Elevate Your Display with The FrameBright SEGO 9.8 ft Archway Mobile Lightbox

    Discover the pinnacle of display innovation with The FrameBright SEGO, a standout in mobile lightbox technology. This product combines cutting-edge features with an intuitive design to transform any space. SEGO redefines what you expect from a display, making it not just a tool for showing messages but a dynamic part of your presentation space.

    Why Choose The FrameBright SEGO?

    • Tool-Free Assembly: Say goodbye to cumbersome setups. SEGO introduces a straightforward, toolless assembly process, including an easy-to-install base, simplifying your preparation efforts.
    • Advanced LED Illumination: Integrated LED lights with magnetic connectors offer not only brilliant illumination but also a streamlined setup. The concealed cables ensure a clean, uncluttered appearance.
    • Distinctive Archway Design: SEGO’s unique archway not only adds a layer of depth but also invites intrigue, setting your display apart from the rest.
    • Customizable Graphics: Tailor your message with customizable SEG backlit fabric graphics that span seamlessly from one edge to the other, providing a compelling visual on both sides of the display.
    • Portability and Protection: The thoughtfully designed foam cut carry bag keeps SEGO’s components organized and safe, reflecting the high level of care and detail that goes into our products.

    Detailed Specifications

    Graphic Dimensions: Backwall: 78.125“W x 88.625“H, Arch & Support: 39.75“W x 88.625“H

    Includes: 6 Single-Sided SEG Dye Sub Backlit Fabric Graphics, various profiles and connectors, LED connector, transformer, Y cable, and travel bags.

    Setup Time: Ready in 30-45 minutes.

    Turnaround Time: Ships within 5-7 business days after artwork approval.

    Shipping Details: Delivered in 5 boxes, with weights and dimensions provided for each to facilitate planning.

    Transform Your Display Experience

    The FrameBright SEGO is more than just a lightbox; it's an investment in your brand's visibility and presentation. Whether used in trade shows, retail environments, exhibitions, or corporate events, SEGO stands out with its brilliant illumination, ease of use, and striking design. This lightbox is designed to make an impact, offering dazzling illumination, ease of assembly, portability, and customization.

    Make Your Brand Shine with SEGO

    Step into the future of displays with The FrameBright SEGO. Its unmatched design, ease of assembly, and stunning visual appeal make it the perfect choice for businesses looking to elevate their display strategy. Make your space a visually captivating experience with SEGO and let your brand do the talking.

    Order The FrameBright SEGO today and transform your display into a centerpiece that captivates and engages your audience like never before.

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