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Exhibit Artwork Graphic Design

Exhibit Artwork Graphic Design

We offer our design services for a flat and straightforward cost, with no confusing or unpredictable hourly rates.

The cornerstone of a memorable trade show presence is often captivating, professionally designed artwork that magnetically draws visitors to your booth. Our seasoned graphics team stands poised to catapult your next event into a phenomenal success. However, it's important to note that access to our premier graphic design services comes hand-in-hand with the purchase of a trade display from us.

Our adept design team offers an exceptional suite of artwork design services tailored for trade show booths and exhibit displays. These experts specialize in conceptualizing and crafting bespoke graphics and display layouts, turning your booth into a visual masterpiece. Our designers engage in a collaborative process with each client, keenly attuning to their branding vision and marketing objectives. They then create designs that align perfectly with these goals, effectively spotlighting your products or services and setting the stage for successful customer interactions.

Please be aware that while our services offer an extensive range of design possibilities, they do not encompass branding, custom illustration, or intricate photo manipulation. While we focus on delivering high-impact display graphics, these particular services are not available.

The design services includes only 1 display product or 1 trade show display kit.  Additional graphic design services will need to be purchased for each additional display/unique design for a product or kit.

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We ask for a minimum of 7 business day for the completion of your design.  The 7 day timeframe starts when we receive all the necessary information and artwork elements such as text, logos and images.  We offer 2 revisions within the 7 day time period, however each additional revisions can add up to two business days.  Please also note that if you need design for multiple display projects, the timeline may also be longer than 7 business days

What To Expect

Days 1-3

A dedicated designer works on an initial concept based on your creative brief

Days 3-4

You review your concept, gather any necessary edits and provide feedback

Days 5-7

Designer will make edits based on your feedback and prepare artwork for print

Days 7+

More than two revisions may increase the artwork timeline beyond 7 days (2 days per revision)