Collection: Wavelight Backlit Displays

BriteBooth's WaveLight Backlit Displays are a standout choice in the exhibit market, especially recognized for being among the slimmest tension fabric light boxes. Featuring a sleek 50mm aluminum pipe profile, these light boxes are expertly crafted with strategically positioned LED lights. This design choice achieves a radiant, evenly distributed backlighting effect, ensuring that each aspect of the graphic is illuminated with unmatched vibrancy. The displays are designed for ease of use, utilizing a user-friendly pillow-case style graphic that allows for simple setup. Additionally, they are available in a range of sizes, making them versatile for various booth design requirements.
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    We offer free proofing of all artwork prior to production to ensure your artwork meets our quality standards as well as your expectations.

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  • Free 3D Rendering

    Along with a proofing process we'll provide a 3D rendering of your Casonara Display. This will allow you to evaluate how your artwork looks on the actuall display product.

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    If your product arrives damaged or is different from the product that was purchased we offer free returns with 7 business days of recieving your shipment.

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