Collection: Casonara Blimp Cube Hanging Light Box

Light up the room and steal the spotlight with our Casonara Blimp Cube Hanging Signs! Dive into tomorrow's trend with our uber-cool SEG tension fabric light box, turning your graphics into dazzling, easy-to-move showcases. Thanks to our 360º illumination magic, your brand won't just shine—it'll absolutely sparkle, grabbing eyes from all directions!


  • Free Proofing

    We offer free proofing of all artwork prior to production to ensure your artwork meets our quality standards as well as your expectations.

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  • Free 3D Rendering

    Along with a proofing process we'll provide a 3D rendering of your Casonara Display. This will allow you to evaluate how your artwork looks on the actuall display product.

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  • Free Returns

    If your product arrives damaged or is different from the product that was purchased we offer free returns with 7 business days of recieving your shipment.

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