Collection: Casonara Backlit Trade Show Display Walls

Transform your brand's visibility with WaveLight Casonara Wall Light Box Displays. These cutting-edge light boxes redefine the concept of brand presentation through their innovative SEG tension fabric design, offering 360º illumination to showcase your brand in every direction. The light box's color-coded frames are designed for effortless assembly and disassembly, eliminating the need for tools. Enhance your event's visual impact and take your brand's display to new heights with WaveLight Casonara Wall Light Box Displays.

  • Free Proofing

    We offer free proofing of all artwork prior to production to ensure your artwork meets our quality standards as well as your expectations.

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  • Free 3D Rendering

    Along with a proofing process we'll provide a 3D rendering of your Casonara Display. This will allow you to evaluate how your artwork looks on the actuall display product.

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    If your product arrives damaged or is different from the product that was purchased we offer free returns with 7 business days of recieving your shipment.

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Illuminate Your Brand with 360º of Backlit Brilliance

Elevate your booth display and captivate audiences from every angle with our stunning Casonara 360 LED lightbox display. Immerse your visitors in a truly engaging brand experience like never before.

Create a mesmerizing trade show booth or exhibit presence with our professionally crafted LED lightbox display, featuring four premium fabric backlit graphics. Let your creativity soar with endless possibilities the Casonara 360 offers.

Our top-of-the-line LED fabric lightbox is designed with these remarkable features:

  • Edge-to-edge backlit fabric lightbox design
  • Consistent, even backlighting
  • Four (4) total backlit graphics: 1 front, 1 back, and 2 side panels
  • Versatile sizing options

A Modern Touch for Your Brand

Infuse your event space with a sophisticated, contemporary vibe with the Casonara 360's sleek wrap-around backlit graphics and clean lines. Make a lasting impression with our impeccably designed and crafted booth signage.

Travel-Ready Design

The Wavelight Casonara's lightweight, durable snap frame is engineered for easy transportation. Your sales team can swiftly assemble and disassemble the backlit lightbox with minimal effort.

Perfectly Sized for Any Booth

With its adaptable design, the Wavelight Casonara's tension fabric lightbox can be tailored to suit your trade show booth dimensions. Our SEG signage can:

  • Effortlessly fill a 10-foot space
  • Add a modern touch to a 20-foot booth
  • Serve as a stunning centerpiece for larger island booths

Experience the perfect blend of luxury and eye-catching appeal without breaking the bank! Choose the ideal backlit lightbox for your company's unique needs and leave compromise behind.