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SEGO 20ft x 7.4ft. Mobile Lightbox Double-Sided

SEGO 20ft x 7.4ft. Mobile Lightbox Double-Sided

Discover the innovation of SEGO with a large impact, where advanced technology blends seamlessly with smart design. This display combines two of our 10ft by 7.5 displays to create a large 20ft back wall.  Our FrameBright series offers a completely tool-free structure, extending even to its feet. This SEGO display takes your booth experience a notch higher. Enjoy radiant illumination with LED lights, ingeniously integrated with magnetic connectors for a seamless setup. All wires stay hidden, ensuring a sleek and refined appearance.

SEGO's sturdy aluminum frame showcases customizable SEG backlit fabric graphics, stretching seamlessly from edge to edge on both sides. Compact, versatile, and visually stunning, SEGO transforms the lightbox display. Meticulously crafted, its unique foam-cut carry bag ensures utmost protection and efficient organization of your SEGO pieces.

  • Soft Molded Case (does NOT include a hard case)
  • Not Seamless (the frame is slightly visible in the middle)
  • Unique artwork on both the front and back
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  • 20' wide Backdrop
  • Illuminated with bright LED lights
  • Pre-installed LED lights
  • Double-sided, front and back graphics are printed
  • Portable, slide and snap frame with SEG graphics
  • Set-up is completely tool-less
  • Silicone edge graphics (SEG)
  • Lifetime warranty on frame, 1 year on graphics
  • UL Listed


  • 4 Single-Sided SEG Dye Sub Backlit Fabric Graphics
  • 4 Horizontal Profile (L)
  • 4 Vertical Profile (Top)
  • 4 Vertical Profiles (Bottom)
  • 4 Horizontal Profiles (M)
  • 4 Horizontal Profiles (R)
  • 12 Mid Pole
  • 2 S cable
  • 2 Cross Mid Pole
  • 4 Feet
  • 2 LED Connector
  • 2 S cable
  • 4 Transformer
  • 4 Travel Bag

Set-up Time

60 Minutes (2 People)


5-7 Business days after artwork approval


  • Shipping Dimensions: 54.5"W x 15.5"H x 6.75"D (x4 boxes)
  • Shipping Weight: 60 lbs (frame & graphic) (per box)


Electrical Specification


  • LED edge lights - pre-installed in frame
  • Brand: Osram LED lights 
  • Color Temp: 6800k
  • Lumens / Watt: 130 
  • Power: See spec sheet


  • Power Rating: 95W, 252W
  • Voltage Input: 100 - 240V
  • Voltage Output: 24V
  • Certificates: UL, CE, GEM
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Standout Features

Illuminate Your Presence with the SEGO 20ft x 7.4ft Mobile Lightbox

Step into the spotlight with the expansive SEGO 20ft x 7.4ft Double-Sided Mobile Lightbox. A true innovation in display technology, SEGO combines smart design with cutting-edge features to create an unforgettable backdrop for any booth or event. This impressive display merges two of our 10ft by 7.5ft displays into a commanding 20ft back wall, doubling your impact and presence.

Feature Highlights of SEGO 20ft Display

The SEGO 20ft lightbox is more than just a display; it's a statement. With its radiant LED illumination and seamless graphics, every aspect of SEGO is designed to showcase your brand in the best light possible. Here’s why SEGO stands out:

  • Expansive 20' Backdrop: Create a commanding presence with a wide, visually stunning back wall that captures attention from afar.
  • Bright LED Illumination: Enjoy consistent, radiant lighting across your display, thanks to pre-installed LED lights with magnetic connectors for easy setup.
  • Double-Sided Graphics: Maximize your message with vibrant, edge-to-edge SEG backlit fabric graphics displayed on both the front and back of your lightbox.
  • Effortless Portability: The slide and snap frame, coupled with lightweight materials, make SEGO an ideal solution for events of all sizes.
  • Tool-Free Assembly: Experience the convenience of a completely tool-less setup, making your display ready in no time.
  • Quality and Safety Assured: With a lifetime warranty on the frame and one year on graphics, plus UL Listing, SEGO is a display you can trust.

What’s Included with Your SEGO Lightbox

Your SEGO 20ft Mobile Lightbox comes with everything you need for an impactful display:

  • 4 Single-Sided SEG Dye Sub Backlit Fabric Graphics for vibrant visuals from any angle.
  • A complete frame assembly kit, including horizontal and vertical profiles, mid poles, and more, ensuring a secure and stunning display.
  • 4 robust feet for stable display, 2 LED connectors, and 4 transformers for easy power management.
  • 4 Travel Bags designed for the utmost protection and organization of your display components during transport.

Quick and Easy Setup

Get ready to shine in just 60 minutes with a two-person setup, making SEGO an efficient choice for busy event schedules.

Fast Turnaround, Ready for Any Event

With a turnaround time of 5-7 business days after artwork approval, your SEGO display will be ready to make its debut at your next big event.

Designed for Easy Shipping

SEGO is as easy to transport as it is to set up, with shipping dimensions designed for convenience and efficiency. Each of the four boxes is packed to ensure safe and secure delivery of your display.

With the SEGO 20ft x 7.4ft Mobile Lightbox, your brand is not just displayed; it's showcased. Transform any space into a beacon of your brand's brilliance and leave a lasting impression at every event. Elevate your display experience with SEGO today.

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