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SEGO 9.8 ft Mobile Lightbox

SEGO 9.8 ft Mobile Lightbox

Unleash the brilliance of The FrameBright SEGO, where cutting-edge technology meets intuitive design. Our FrameBright product line features a toolless structure, right down to the feet, SEGO elevates your display experience to new heights. Experience dazzling illumination with LED lights, cleverly pre-installed with magnetic connectors for effortless set up. Wires remain concealed, keeping your display clean and elegant.

SEGO's aluminum frame sports customizable SEG backlit fabric graphics that wrap edge-to-edge on both sides. Portable, adaptable and captivating, SEGO redefines the lightbox experience. Thoughtfully designed, even its robust foam cut carry bag is distinctively crafted for optimal protection and organization of your SEGO components.

Two Size Options:

  • 9.8w x 7.4h ft
  • 9.8w x 8.2h ft
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  • Dimensions:
    - 9.8 feet by 7.4 feet
    - 9.8 feet by 8.2 feet
  • Model Number: 300X225, 300x250
  • Features pre-installed, luminous LED lighting for maximum visibility
  • Offers double-sided graphic display with printing on both front and back
  • Designed for portability with an easy slide-and-snap assembly system
  • Utilizes silicone edge graphics (SEG) for a sleek, seamless appearance
  • Assembly is entirely tool-free for your convenience
  • The durable frame comes with a lifetime warranty, and graphics are covered for 1 year
  • UL Listed for safety and quality assurance


  • 2 Single-Sided SEG Dye Sub Backlit Fabric Graphics
  • 2 Horizontal Profile (L)
  • 2 Vertical Profile (Top)
  • 2 Vertical Profiles (Bottom)
  • 2 Horizontal Profiles (M)
  • 2 Horizontal Profiles (R)
  • 6 Mid Pole
  • 1 S cable
  • 1 Cross Mid Pole
  • 2 Feet
  • 1 LED Connector
  • 1 S cable
  • 2 Transformers
  • 2 Travel Bags

Set-up Time

30-45 Minutes


5-7 Business days after artwork approval


  • Shipping Weight: 63 lbs (box 1) and 29 lbs (box 2)
  • Shipping Dimensions: 54.5"w x 15.5"h x 6.75"d (each box - 2 boxes total)


Electrical Specification


  • LED edge lights - pre-installed in frame
  • Brand: Osram LED lights 
  • Color Temp: 6800k
  • Lumens / Watt: 130
  • Power: 270 watt


  • Power Rating: 95W, 252W
  • Voltage Input: 100 - 240V
  • Voltage Output: 24V
  • Certificates: UL, CE, GEM
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Standout Features

Illuminate Your Brand with the SEGO 9.8 ft Mobile Lightbox

Introducing the FrameBright SEGO: a beacon of innovation in the world of display technology. This isn't just another lightbox; it's a revolution in how brands present themselves. With SEGO, we've merged cutting-edge technology with intuitive design to create a display experience that's as effortless as it is striking.

Experience the Brilliance of SEGO

The SEGO lightbox, with its sleek, tool-free assembly and luminous LED lighting, is designed to captivate and engage. Its features are tailored to elevate your display, transforming any space into a showcase of dazzling illumination and crisp, vibrant graphics. Here's how SEGO sets itself apart:

  • Effortless Assembly, Mesmerizing Display: Imagine setting up your brand's display without reaching for a single tool, thanks to SEGO's user-friendly design. Its feet snap into place, and the LED lights connect with a simple click of the magnetic connectors. This ease extends to the concealed wiring, ensuring your setup is as clean and elegant as it is bright.
  • Double the Impact with Double-Sided Graphics: SEGO doesn't just illuminate; it radiates. With customizable SEG backlit fabric graphics that wrap edge-to-edge on both sides, your message is visible from all angles, doubling the impact of your display.
  • Portability Meets Elegance: SEGO redefines what it means to be mobile. Its aluminum frame is not just lightweight; it's also incredibly durable, designed to be transported and set up anywhere with ease. And with the protective foam cut carry bag, every component of your SEGO lightbox is safeguarded during transit.
  • A Commitment to Quality: With SEGO, you're investing in more than just a lightbox. You're choosing a display backed by a lifetime frame warranty and a year-long guarantee on graphics. UL Listed for safety and quality, SEGO is a display you can trust to shine.

Choose Your Perfect Size

SEGO comes in two sizes to fit any space perfectly: the expansive 9.8w x 7.4h ft or the slightly taller 9.8w x 8.2h ft. Each model is designed to make a statement, whether in a crowded trade show or an intimate retail space.

What's Included in Your SEGO Kit

Your SEGO lightbox comes ready with everything needed for a stunning display: from single-sided SEG dye sub backlit fabric graphics that ensure vibrant visuals, to a comprehensive assembly kit for quick setup. Plus, with included travel bags, SEGO is as ready to move as it is to mesmerize.

Fast Turnaround, Ready to Ship

We know that time is of the essence. That's why SEGO is designed for a quick setup of 30-45 minutes and a turnaround time of just 5-7 business days after artwork approval. And with efficient packing designed for safe shipping, your SEGO will arrive ready to illuminate your brand's presence.

With the SEGO 9.8 ft Mobile Lightbox, your brand can shine brighter, set up faster, and leave a lasting impression wherever it's displayed. Elevate your display experience with SEGO, where every detail is designed with brilliance in mind. Illuminate your brand with SEGO today.

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Crazy easy

The Britebooth exceeded our expectations on both the speed of delivery and the quality of the product provided. Thank you!

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