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10ft Casonara Backlit Display Wall

10ft Casonara Backlit Display Wall

Unleash the power of radiant branding with the 10ft Casonara 360 Light Box Wall.

Imagine your message, front and center, with a stunning 116"w x 96"h backlit graphic on the front and back. But wait, there's more! Utilize the two additional 13.8"w x 96"h backlit side graphics to showcase your website, company name, and more. This revolutionary 10ft light box is the ultimate solution for illuminating your brand and making a lasting impression.

  • Blackout Cover Included for the back wall (Single Sided) 
  • Hard shipping case with custom printed case wrap upgrade available
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    Set-up Time

    30-45 minutes


    Ships in 5 business days (After Art Approval)


    • 42.6"w x 22.1"h x 15.8"d
    • 108 lbs
    • Ships from Texas
    • Ships in a cardboard box if hard cases are not purchased

    Instructions & Documents

    Replacement Graphics & Parts

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    • 116"w x 96"h x 13.8"d
    • Dye-Sublimation Double-Sided Backlit Stretch Fabric
    • Graphic is printed on wrinkle-resistant polyester with sewn-in silicone edge
    • Weight Packed: 108 lbs

    CA700-case-counter-exhibit-event-03-gigapixel-standard-scale-4_00x_d2e71407-df74-4e06-984f-ef2d0424cd3d - BriteBooth

    Optional Add-on

    Shipping Case-to-Counter

    • Counter Size: 42.5"w x 21.7"d x 39.4"h
    • Internal Case Size: 39.4"w x 19.7"d x "12.6"h
    • Internal Storage Pocket: 25.2"w x 16.2"d x 11.8"h
    • Counter will hold up to 90 lbs
    • Weight Empty: 30 lbs
    • Includes black case-to-counter top
    • Custom printed case wrap available as an upgrade

    More Info
    wavelight-backlit-display-stand-lighting-array-system-gigapixel-standard-scale-4_00x_af31a1df-c157-4d8c-8d62-f8450775f494 - BriteBooth

    Light Arrays

    • (qty 4) LED Rollable Light Panel Array
    • (qty 2) 400W Power Supply with Leads
    • 1.636 Amps per light array
    • Soft Molded Cases for Each Component
    • Light Panels Clip on the Inside Top of the Frame
    • Requires 1000 Watt (10 Amps) Outlet - 120 Volt

    Standout Features

    Additional Details

    Transform your brand's presence and leave a lasting impression with the 10ft Casonara 360 Light Box Wall. This extraordinary light box is more than just a display—it's a game-changer, setting new standards in innovative branding solutions.

    Radiant Branding That Captivates

    Imagine the impact of your message being front and center, illuminated by stunning 116"w x 96"h backlit graphics on both the front and back. But that's not all. The 10ft Casonara Light Box Wall takes your branding to the next level with an additional two 13.8"w x 96"h backlit side graphics. These are perfect for showcasing your website, company name, or any other critical information you want to share.

    Versatile and Impressive Display Solution

    Ideal for any setting, the 10ft Casonara Light Box Wall exudes a modern and sleek appeal. It features high-resolution Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG), ensuring that your display stands out with crystal clear images and vibrant colors.

    Hassle-Free Assembly

    Forget about complicated setups. With the 10ft Casonara Light Box Wall, assembling and disassembling the aluminum frame and LED light arrays is a breeze—no tools or hired labor required.

    Showcase Your Brand's Brilliance

    Embrace the future of branding with the 10ft Casonara 360 Light Box Wall. This state-of-the-art display solution illuminates your brand, ensuring it shines bright and captures attention like never before.

    Make the most of your branding opportunities with the 10ft Casonara Backlit Wall. It's not just a display—it's your brand's beacon, radiating its brilliance in every direction.

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    Exhibit Artwork Design

    Many things are vital for a successful trade show or event experience, but undoubtedly, one of the most important aspects is having professionally designed artwork that attracts visitors to your booth space. Our professional graphics team is ready to make your next event a huge success. Please note that our Exhibit Graphic design service requires that you also purchase a display.

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