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10 x 10 Backlit Display Kit 10.02

10 x 10 Backlit Display Kit 10.02

Elevate your brand's presence with the Casonara 360 Backlit 10.02 Kit, where two sleek double sided panels with over 280 LEDs create an arresting visual showcase. The 6ft and 3.5ft panels, each with four vibrant SEG graphics, offer a luminous 360° display, ensuring your message is seen from every angle.

Adaptable and eye-catching, this kit allows for a seamless transition from a compact 10x10 booth to a striking corner display. Packing is a breeze, with both panels fitting into one case that doubles as an elegant, branded counter. Light up your brand's story with the radiant and versatile Casonara 360 light box kit.

Podium Case is NOT backlit

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  • (1) Casonara 6ft Panel: 70.1"w x 96"h x 13.8"d
  • (1) Casonara 3.5ft Panel: 39.4"w x 96"h x 13.8"d
  • Dye-Sublimation Double-Sided Backlit Stretch Fabric
  • Graphic is printed on wrinkle-resistant polyester with sewn-in silicone edge
  • Weight: 63 lbs

Shipping Case-to-Counter

  • Counter Size: 42.5"w x 21.7"d x 39.4"h
  • Internal Case Size: 39.4"w x 19.7"d x "12.6"h
  • Internal Storage Pocket: 25.2"w x 16.2"d x 11.8"h
  • Designed to hold lightweight items
  • Weight Empty: 30 lbs
  • Includes black case-to-counter top and printed wrap

Light Arrays

  • (3) LED Rollable Light Panel Array
  • (2) 400W Power Supply with Leads
  • 1.636 Amps per light array
  • Soft Molded Cases for Each Component
  • Light Panels Clip on the Inside Top of the Frame

Set-up Time

2 Hours (2 people)


Ships in 5 Business Days After Artwork Approval


• 130 lbs
• Ships from Texas
• Ships in a cardboard box if hard cases are not purchased


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Additional Details

Transform Your Exhibit Space into a Visual Spectacle with the Casonara 360 Backlit 10.02 Kit!

Step into the spotlight with the revolutionary Casonara 360 Backlit 10.02 Kit – the ultimate game-changer in dynamic display solutions! This kit isn't just an exhibit booth; it's a powerhouse of branding potential that effortlessly captures the wandering eye with its vibrant illumination and commanding presence.

Illuminate Your Brand Like Never Before

Imagine your brand bathed in the glow of over 280 LED lights, with every detail popping in radiant clarity against the backdrop of eight stunning backlit graphics. The Casonara 360 Backlit 10.02 Kit isn't just about making a statement – it's about owning the room.

Versatility Meets Elegance

Whether you're hosting a 10x10 booth, occupying a coveted corner exhibit space, or gracing the expanse of a large event hall, this display adapts to your needs. With a 6ft panel and a 3.5ft panel, each utilizing four SEG graphics, your messaging is not just seen – it's experienced in a full 360° sweep of backlit brilliance.

Design That Works for You

This isn't just a display; it's a strategic partner in your marketing arsenal. Push the panels together for an immersive experience or angle them for an inviting corner exhibit. Even better, each panel can stand alone, commanding attention in any setting from lobbies to large event spaces.

Convenience Without Compromise

The logistical nightmare of transporting and setting up your exhibit space? Forgotten. Both panels break down into a single, sleek shipping case that not only protects your investment but also transforms into a branded counter, complete with its own custom-printed graphic wrap.

Effortless Setup, Effortless Transport

You're not just buying an exhibit; you're investing in peace of mind. Packing down into a single CA700 case and weighing approximately 95lbs, transportation is a breeze. And with dye-sub printed stretch fabric SEG graphics, your visuals stay crisp, wrinkle-free, and ready to dazzle.

Ready to Make a Lasting Impression?

Don't settle for an exhibit that simply shows up. Choose the Casonara 360 Backlit 10.06 Kit and stand out. With effortless setup, pain-free transportation, and unmatched versatility, your brand will not just be displayed – it will shine.

Claim Your Space in the Spotlight

Why wait in the wings when your brand can take center stage? Click, call, or email us today to elevate your presence with the Casonara 360 Backlit 10.02 Kit – and watch your brand light up the room.

Shine Brighter with Casonara – Where Your Brand Lives in Light.

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Many things are vital for a successful trade show or event experience, but undoubtedly, one of the most important aspects is having professionally designed artwork that attracts visitors to your booth space. Our professional graphics team is ready to make your next event a huge success. Please note that our Exhibit Graphic design service requires that you also purchase a display.

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